1. Communicate the gospel through evangelization campaigns and the media; with words of knowledge, divine healing, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit (as described in 1 Corinthians 12 v. 6 to 11 and Mark 16 v. 14 to 18); and revival meetings (in collaboration with pastors, denominations, movements, and/or churches).
  2. Awaken, encourage, and equip the vocations of service to the Lord. Each event requires many volunteers who find, through their commitment, a way of learning to serve God.  Some will be called to go out into the world.  World of Grace (WOG) will support them.
  3. Leave a lasting impact by supporting a spiritual or humanitarian project conducted by our hosts.



  1. Loyalty to the gospel of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, of divine grace, and of forgiveness resulting from His sacrifice at the cross of Calvary, proclaimed through dynamic preaching, festive worship, intense adoration, and the free exercise of spiritual gifts.
  2. Prepare a solid foundation based on intimacy with God, intercession for lost souls, and fasting (according to Isaiah 58 v. 6 to 12).
  3. The joy of serving in teamwork. Evangelizing crowds is impossible alone.  WOG seeks to allow everyone to offer some of their talents, time, finances, or ideas.
  4. Respect for our hosts’ cultures. Each country and socio-cultural group has its own values, language, and characteristics.  WOG will work efficiently with a modern style of communication adapted to the local context.
  5. Financial integrity founded on a life of faith in God’s provisions, offering free events and evangelization materials, funding each project undertaken, moderation of salaries, and rigor in management.


Objectives for 2020: with the help of the Lord, WOG will have:

  • held 30 campaigns bringing together between 5,000 and 50,000 people each,
  • had the joy of bringing 200,000 people to conversion,
  • supervised the creation of 30 local committees managing at least 500 volunteers each,
  • sent 20 missionaries (or couples) to places resistant to the gospel,
  • 2,000 intercessors that will rotate for prayer 24/7,
  • 2,000 financial partners that will participate in financing activities,
  • 30 partners (part or full-time) that will direct the ministry,
  • 500,000 followers on social networks, through internet and/or applications, so as to keep everyone connected in a privileged and permanent way.